mars'22 - april'22
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Cast & Crew

Stage director
Lighting designer
Costume designer
Chorus master
Philharmonia Zurich
Zurich Opera Choir
Banco (Banquo)
Medico (Doctor)
Un domestico di Macbeth (A Servant of Macbeth)


Lady Macbeth's chambermaid



Om arbeidet

Act One Macbeth hears the witches' voices. They prophesy that he will become ruler of Cawdor and King of Scotland. They predict that his companion, Banco, will be the "father of kings". Shortly afterwards, Macbeth and Banco hear news that Macbeth has indeed been made ruler of Cawdor by King Duncan. The first prophecy came true. Macbeth wonders if the second prophecy will also be fulfilled and has a bloodthirsty thought. Lady Macbeth learns of the latest developments through a letter from Macbeth and wants to see her husband on the throne of Scotland at all costs. When King Duncan announces his visit to Macbeth, Lady Macbeth conjures up the spirits of hell and instigates her reluctant husband to regicide. Macbeth sees a dagger smeared with the king's blood. The bloody dagger is the mirage of Macbeth's cruel thoughts of murder. Macbeth returns to Lady Macbeth after the murder, hears voices and hallucinates the terrible sight of the slain king. The lady asks him to slip the dagger under the guards to direct the suspicion on them. Macbeth is unable to return to the crime scene. The lady goes herself. The regicide is discovered. Court society begs God to help people and severely punish the perpetrator. Act Two Macbeth is King of Scotland. The second witch prophecy has also come true. But the prophecy that Banco would be "father of kings" does not leave Macbeth in peace. He decides to kill Banco and his descendants as well. Lady Macbeth encourages him in this intention and sees herself at the goal of her power fantasies. Macbeth orders the murders. Banco suspects something ominous. He warns his son Fleance. Banco is murdered, but Fleance manages to escape. The new King Macbeth is giving a feast, and Lady Macbeth starts a drinking song. Macbeth suddenly sees Banco's ghost in front of him in the midst of the happy hustle and bustle. Lady Macbeth mocks her husband as a coward. Macbeth decides to ask the witches again to find out something about his future. Macduff sees through that the power of the new king is based on criminal acts and flees. The people are appalled by Macbeth's madness. You suspect that the country has become a murder pit. Act III Macbeth hears the witches' voices again. They conjure up dark forces. They warn him about Macduff, assure him that no one who has been born of a woman can be dangerous to him and that he will remain invincible until the forest of Birnam moves. In a vision, Macbeth sees a procession of kings passing by, in which he recognizes Banco's descendants. Macbeth tells Lady Macbeth of his visions. The two grow into a frenzy of hatred for their supposed rival Macduff and decide to kill him and all of his descendants. Fourth act The people lament the humiliation of the enslaved fatherland. Macduff keeps thinking of his murdered family, who were also killed by Macbeth. He wants to face the tyrant and retaliate for the cruel act. Together with Duncan's son Malcolm, Macduff sits at the head of the resistance. Using branches from the Birnam forest as camouflage, they march with their army against Macbeth. Lady Macbeth sleepwalking. She sees blood stains on her hands that cannot be removed even by constant cleaning. Macbeth suspects that posterity will condemn him. The news of his wife's death leaves him indifferent. Macduff confronts Macbeth and tells him that he was not born naturally, but was cut from his mother's womb. Macbeth is defeated in the fight against the insurgents. He sees himself at the end of his killer existence: «The flash of vengeance falls on me, damned. I die in anger with heaven and earth. " Malcolm is celebrated as the new king.