18 Jun - 30 Jun 2022
WPWorld Premiere
NPNational Premiere
NNew Production
Languages:  ArabicSurtitles:   Catalan, Somali, Turkish, Western Frisian


Massenet composed legions of operas. But “Manon” remains the most renowned of his works, presenting frequently all around the world to this very day. The opera had its world premiere on Jan. 19, 1884, and has never left the stage. Based on the Abbé Prévost’s famed novel from 1731, the opera takes liberties with the material, though the core of story, the relationship between the titular character and her lover Des Grieux, remains intact. Short Plot Summary After the introduction of a number of major characters, including the Minister of Finance Guillot, and Lescaut, Manon arrives in a coach completely confused. She is accosted by Guillot who tells her that he wants to run away with her. He even has a carriage waiting for them to run off. Lescaut lectures Manon, his cousin, on decency and then runs off again. She runs into Des Grieux who is off to see his father. They fall in love and run away on Guillot’s carriage. ...Full review
David Salazar