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St Petersburg Chamber Opera , Galernaya Ulitsa, 33, St Petersburg, 190000

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Cast & Crew

Don Giovanni
Il Commendatore (Commendatore)
Donna Elvira



About the work

OCTOBER 29: DON JUAN home / Poster / 2021 October / Don Juan Don Juan Don Juan at the St. Petersburg Opera is an original director's interpretation of Mozart's brilliant creation. The stage version of Yuri Alexandrov has many unpredictable twists and turns of the canonical plot. Familiar situations are highlighted from an unexpected angle. The director explains his plan in the following way: “I am interested not so much in the figure of the hero himself as in the characters around him, who weave intrigues around him. All stats have been changed from operatic stereotypes. "The Blue Heroine" Donna Anna is vindictive and depraved. Mozart has a hint for such an interpretation: Donna Anna's second aria with "devilish trills", which is usually stopped, contradicts the character of the "victim". And we have restored this aria. Ottavio, Donna Anna's fiancé, is a narcissistic nonentity. Gradually it turns out that both Zerlina and Masetto are fakes, and everything that happens is a hell of a joke, the victim of which is Don Juan - a bright, lively personality, and therefore hated by all this environment. " According to Yuri Alexandrov, the quality of the opera company is determined precisely by Don Juan. There is an unspoken rule: if the theater can perform Don Giovanni, then you can take on any opera
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