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Vogtlandtheater Plauen , Theaterplatz, 08523 Plauen, Germany


About the work

Their singing can make parched landscapes bloom again, but to find them is life-threatening: the nightingale thousand trills. Three royal sons bravely go looking for her - but with different ulterior motives. The audience can follow their adventurous paths up close, because they encounter a colorful play and music group in the middle of an Armenian market. A clever horse, voracious monsters and a mysterious Black King are part of the party ... Can a country be saved through music? Nightingale makes a thousand trillsfrom the rich collection of Armenian folk tales so timeless. Full of poetry and humor, many of them testify at the same time of the barbarism and hardship that the people had to experience again and again through their overpowering neighbors. The millennia-old musical tradition of Armenia is just as fascinating. From it, songs, dances and melodramas of various colors can be heard - some on original Armenian instruments and all of them reworked for our production. They allow us to immerse ourselves in a distant world: just the thing for the Christmas season, when listeners big and small like to be enchanted.
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