Oct'21 - Jul'22
NNew production
Languages:  RussianSurtitles:   German, English

Venue details

Nationaltheater , Max-Joseph-Platz 2, 80539 München, Germany

Full Production Cast & Crew

Cast & Crew

Lighting designer
Bavarian State Orchestra
Choir of the Bavarian State Opera
Platon Kuzmich Kovalev (Kovaliov)
A Respectable Lady (Old Lady)
Ivan Yakovlevich (Ivan Iakolevitch)
Praskovia Osipovna (Osipovna)
A district constable (District Inspector)
A Newspaper Clerk (The Newspaper officer)
Mrs Podtochina's Daughter (Her Daughter)
A Doctor (Doctor)
Pretzel Seller (A Pretzel Vendor)
The Mother (A Mother)
Pjotr Fjodorowitsch
Ivan Ivanovitch


1st House Servant
2nd House servant
3rd House servant
4th House servant
5th House Servant
6th House Servant
7yh Houser Servant
8th House Servant
Countess's lackey
Jarishkin, a friend of Kovalyoff
Podtočina Pelageja Grigorjevna
4th Lord
1. Newcomer
2nd Newcomer
Honored Colonel
Honourable Lady
1. Kovaljov's acquaintance
2nd acquaintance of Kovalyoff
3. Kovaljov's acquaintance
Porter of the police chief
Cab driver
Soprano Solo (Kazan Cathedral)
Tenorsolo (Kazan Cathedral)
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