Venue details

Teatr WOK , aleja "Solidarności" 76B 00-145 Warszawa Poland

Full Production Cast & Crew

About the work

A performance prepared according to one of the most famous stage works by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The story takes place at the Turkish court of the mighty Basza Selim, where a Spanish nobleman, Belmonte, comes to find his fiancée, Constance, kidnapped by privateers. Servants Blonda and Pedrillo also take part in the escape, and they mainly have to defeat Osmin - a dangerous guardian of the Seraglio. The stage design, costumes and music of Mozart are filled with a colorful Orient, especially the Turkish culture, which was in vogue in Vienna, where the composer lived. Mozart, like the Viennese, liked the Turkish market and goods from Turkey: coffee, dried fruit, clothes; and in music he enjoyed styling Turkish music, as in the famous Turkish March from the piano sonata. Maybe that is why one of the heroes of his other "oriental" opera said: not only Europe, but also Asia can give up noble souls .