PHONE. MEDIUM. Gian Carlo Menotti

Akt I

Beschreibung: The Temple of Hope is a place where everyone can get an answer to their question. A phone call or a personal appointment: Madame Flora's family will solve any problem. "Hello Hello? Do you need help?" Call, one more... A young man is trying to confess his love to a girl, using all the technical means available to him, but the flow of those who want to know her fate and solve their problem online is not interrupted. Finally, the young man hears the long-awaited "yes!" A pleased Madame Flora appears on the threshold of the Temple, having received an award for her labors. Behind her enter regular customers - the Gobineau family, and Mrs. Nolan, who came for the first time. The session starts. Baba invokes the spirit of Mrs. Nolan's deceased daughter, Dudley. Monica and Toby provide the illusion's credibility. "Mom, mom, are you there?" In Monica's voice, the unfortunate mother recognizes Dudley. Mr. and Mrs. Gobineau each time pay Baba to feel the presence of their son, who drowned in the fountain in their garden in Paris. Monica again helps Madame Flora - heartbroken parents hear the sonorous laughter of little Mickey. Suddenly Baba screams. She feels cold hands touching her neck. The medium drives the clients away from the Temple. Monica tries to calm her mother, but Madame Flora cannot come to her senses - she hears voices ...

Akt II

Beschreibung: Monica takes care of Toby. In the absence of Baba, they themselves conduct a séance. Madame Flora appears and tries to get Toby to admit that her visions at the last session are the tricks of the young man. The Gobineaus and Mrs. Nolan once again stand on the threshold of the Temple of Hope. Madame Flora returns the money to them and admits that all her work is a hoax. To prove the words of her mother, Monica, without hiding, imitates the voices of dead children, but the clients do not believe. They ask to call the spirits again. Baba, in a rage, gets rid of the uninvited guests and drives Monica away with Toby. Madame Flora is exhausted by tormenting hallucinations. Trying to numb her fear, she seeks solace in wine, drugs and prayer. Monica realizes that she cannot help her distraught mother and tries to leave. Baba grabs a gun: the culprit of her troubles is finished.