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Staatstheater , Gutenbergpl. 7, 55116 Mainz

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Philharmonic State Orchestra Mainz



Über das Werk

Vespetta is pretty, intelligent - and unemployed. When she meets the wealthy, single Pimpinone, she finally sees an opportunity to improve her financial situation. She is virtuous and humble towards him. At the same time she turns his head with all the means of art. With success: Pimpinone hires her as a maid for good money and eventually he marries her. But instead of taking care of the household as promised, Vespetta turns out to be an emancipated woman who knows how to get her own way. As director of the Hamburg Opera, Georg Philipp Telemann composed his cheerful intermezzo Pimpinone or The Unequal Marriage in 1725 . As was customary at the time, it was performed between the acts of a tragic opera to loosen up. But even standing on its own, Telemann's baroque comedy offers enough material for an entertaining evening. Probably the theater that has a married couple in the opera ensemble at these times. You can argue and love on stage without any distance. And that's exactly what Alexandra Samouilidou and Derrick Ballard do, directed by in-house director KD Schmidt.