märts'22 - apr'22
Keeled:  saksaKurtid:   soome, rootsi, inglise

Täistoodangu näitlejad ja meeskond

Näitlejad ja meeskond

Stage director
Lighting designer
Costume designer
Set designer
Finnish National Opera orechestra
Finnish National Opera Chorus
Jochanaan (John the Baptist)
Herodes (Herod)
Ein Page der Herodias (A Page of Herodias)
1. Jude (First Jew)
2. Jude (Second Jew)
3. Jude (Third Jew)
4. Jude (Fourth Jew)
5. Jude (Fifth Jew)
1. Nazarener (First Nazarene)
2. Nazarener (Second Nazarene)
Ein Sklave (A slave)


Töö kohta

Herod is keeping the prophet Jochanaan imprisoned. When Herodias’s daughter Salome hears Jochanaan preach about the Son of Man, her curiosity is piqued and she is overcome by a strange emotion. Not long after, she wants Jochanaan brought to her. Exploiting Narraboth’s infatuation, Salome gets to meet Jochanaan. She is immediately charmed and her curiosity soon turns into lust. Salome eventually wants to kiss Jochanaan, but the prophet rejects her advances. Herod pleads Salome to dance. In return he promises her anything she wants. Salome agrees to perform the Dance of the Seven Veils and, once finished, reveals the reward of her choice: Jochanaan’s head on a silver platter. Herod is horrified by her request, but in the end Salome gets what she was promised. You can read the full synopsis and other background information in the programme leaflet.