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KKL Luzern , Europaplatz 1, Postfach, 6002 Lucerne, Switzerland
About the work
Franz Schubert Selected lieder, duets, and part-songs Franz Schubert is unquestionably one of the most important composers in the history of music. During his lifetime, however, hardly anyone would have asserted such a claim. When Schubert died in 1828, at only 31 years of age, a mere one-eighth of what he had composed had appeared in print. And since the art of lieder, of songwriting, is at the center of his oeuvre, with its more than 600 songs, he developed a reputation as a master of small forms and of domestic music. No wonder that Schubert’s works were at first heard primarily in private settings. In 1821, exactly 200 years ago, the first Schubertiades took place among his circle of friends: “Schubert himself would play and sing a lot of wonderful songs. Afterwards, punch would be drunk.” These convivial musical gatherings soon became a pattern and took the form of a permanent institution, which continued to be carried out even after Schubert’s death, featuring top-notch performers and taking place far beyond Vienna. To open his musical weekend, András Schiff will embark on a journey through time to take us to Schubert’s world and present his own Schubertiade together with his singer friends. While punch will not be offered, the most heavenly music will be served!