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Kungliga Operan , Gustav Adolfs torg 2, 103 22 Stockholm, Sweden

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Aktoriai ir įgula

Stage director
Set designer
Costume designer
Lighting designer
Royal Swedish Orchestra

Apie darbą

Gerda has no parents, but she has a friend called Kaj. One day, Kaj is kidnapped by the evil Snow Queen who wants him to be her crown prince and as cold as she is. There is only one thing for Gerda to do, to go looking for Kaj and rescue him. But will she find him before his heart has turned to ice? During her big adventure, as she travels to the Snow Queen’s realm in the north, Gerda encounters lots of exciting characters: the Flower Woman in her magic garden, fierce bandits in the forest, a crazy crow and a real princess … The Snow Queen, a new work by the Swedish composer Benjamin Staern, is a heart-warming opera based on a short story by H. C. Andersen. It is full of drama, humour and love. Following the premiere at Malmö Opera in 2016, Svenska Dagbladet wrote of «a musical fairy-tale of great dramatic intensity”, Expressen found it to be “absolutely brilliant” and Kristianstadsbladet “a gorgeous adventure for all ages. And the moral of the story: never stop believing in the victory of the heart; yes please, let it snow over us this and every other Christmas”.
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