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Opernhaus , Augustusplatz 12, 04109 Leipzig

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A society that argues about art in a public exchange of blows, this scene alone makes Richard Wagner's "Tannhäuser" just as revolutionary today as it was back then when the composer, with his title character Heinrich, put an outsider on the stage, who with his unconventional behavior Offended people. Wagner's "great romantic opera" focuses on a life theme that was equally formative for man and artist. It is the conflict between love and lust, the individual and society, art and politics and the unconditional will to resolve these contradictions in the work of art. Behind the search for a wholeness beyond bourgeois morals, religious bigotry and political regulation hides the longing for personal redemption that drives his characters. When Elisabeth confessed to Heinrich in front of the Wartburg Society, he was ready to change his life and went on a pilgrimage to the Holy City of Rome, where he hoped for an answer to his life questions. Returning from Rome, the completely disillusioned learns that Elisabeth died for him. Is there still hope of grace for him after all?
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