Venue details

Antonín Dvořák Theatre , Smetanovo nám. 3104/8a, 701 04 Moravská Ostrava a Přívoz, Czech Republic



About the work

The Kiss is the sixth opera by Bedřich Smetana. This brilliant Czech composer had been already deaf when he composed the piece. The plot is not complicated at all. A young widower Lukáš, who has a kid, is supposed to marry Vendulka, but they both are stubborn. As soon as they meet, they argue about the kiss, which Vendulka does not want to give to Lukáš in honour to the deceased. Lukáš comes under Vendulka’s windows with other girls to humiliate her. In the end, he regrets and apologizes to Vendulka. She forgives him and wants to kiss him, but it is Lukáš who turns his head. Finally, they fall into each other's arms. The Kiss is one of Smetana's most popular operas, the NDM has already staged ten times. It was often played during the occupation as its "Czechness" helped to maintain national consciousness. When Czech theatres reopened after the war, the Ostrava ensemble began on 19 May, 1945, right with this particular opera – and The Bartered Bride followed a few weeks later. The newest production of Smetana’s The Kiss directed by Jiří Nekvasil is a part of the Smetana Opera Cycle 2024, an essential NDM project that will culminate in the jubilee year with a ceremonial show where all eight Smetana’s operas are to be performed along with a range of accompanying events. Thus, Ostrava should become a unique meeting place for domestic and foreign performers, experts and lovers of Smetana's music in the spring 2024. The audience will also have the opportunity to get acquainted with those operas by Bedřich Smetana that are not commonly seen on stage today.