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Once upon a time, in a distant land called Ouranoupolis, a hated lord reigned, Arpatilaos the first. With a crow's wing he wrote laws, awful and terrible laws. Laws that forced his subjects to work non-stop in the mines. Laws abolishing Halloween, school breaks, birthday parties and Sundays. Laws stipulating that all amusement parks and playgrounds should be closed and stone prisons set up in their place. Thus, although he had enacted more than fifty laws that stipulated that they should love him to the brim, it is no wonder that the people of Ouranoupoli disliked Arpatilaos terribly. "They do not love you, because they dream at night…" explained the secret adviser Saurilios Vriselier. And seven weeks and seven days later, presented his new ingenious invention, which would once and for all free Arpatilaos from the dreams of his subjects: the magic, nightmarish pillows. But Arpatilaos and his palace did not take into account the resistance of the children of Ouranoupolis… The famous, multi-translated and multi-award winning work of Eugenios Trivizas, after a long career as a novel and theatrical, is adapted by the author himself for the first time in opera for the whole family. The music of George Doussis, rich in emotions, wanders enjoyably in the alleys of Ouranoupolis giving flesh and blood to a handful of unforgettable characters while the direction of Natasa Triantaphyllis seeks the poetic core and the liberating power of a liberating and liberating paradigm. Included in the tribute for the two hundred years since the beginning of the Greek Revolution, the production of Magic Pillows comes to glorify the luminous power of resistance to all totalitarianism and obscurantist tyranny, reminding us that "whatever they take from us, there is always something left that no one touches, no one takes from us… Hope, oasis, our consolation, treasure in our misfortune, our dreams remain ".
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