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Komische Oper , Unter den Linden 41, 10117 Berlin

Täistoodangu näitlejad ja meeskond

Näitlejad ja meeskond

Stage director
Lighting designer
Costume designer
Set designer
Chorus master
Orchester der Komischen Oper Berlin
Choir soloists of the Komische Oper BerlinLindenquintett Berlin
Marcus Antonius
Prinz Beladonis
Victorian Silvius



Töö kohta

The pearls of Cleopatra Act 1 In Alexandria the house blessing is crooked. The Egyptian queen Cleopatra has what others dare not think of in dreams: wealth, power and a hundred love slaves. But she is deeply desperate: When will she come, the right, great and true love? The sovereign need can become a virtue supporting the state! Pampylos, Cleopatra's shrewd minister, forges a plan with the lady-in-waiting Charmian: Prince Beladonis from Persia is to become the Pharaoh's lover and ally. But he comes too late, and whoever comes too late ... A sprightly Roman warrior rushes up with warnings of rebellion - and thwarted Pampylos' plans. The hero's name: Viktorian Silvius (particularly spicy: He's Charmian's fiancé ...). Cleopatra is thrilled, her pearl wine enchants her favorite legionnaire. For his special qualities, she appoints Silvius as the palace commandant that night. Pampylos is devastated, but the rescue is approaching: a drought catastrophe. The floods of the Nile do not come, the people of Egypt are threatened with hunger. Now is the time to act. Cleopatra travels to the temple of St. Ptah, Silvius' fiancée is to be married to Pampylos, and revolutionary powers are already pushing for a coup d'état: Kophra wants to win Silvius for his palace revolt. 2. Act Cleopatra's prayers work: The Nile rises, the whole people are happy. The whole people? No! Still Kophra's insurrection plans smolder. At the last second, Pampylos manage to arrest the coup plotters. Cleopatra's anger, which Silvius also meets as a punishment for his love for Charmian, knows no mercy. This hubbub is finally followed by the debutant's hour - Prince Beladonis is invited into the bedchamber. But despite pearl, wine and love potion, the royal heartache remains. What will become of Pampylos' alliance policy? What of the royal longing? What does Ingeborg advise and why did Pampylos actually make a knot ...?