Hungary, 1944. The young couple in love Ava and Teo are getting married. Defiant party atmosphere. Ava and Teo make promises of love to each other before the rabbi who consecrates them.

aktas I

apibūdinimas: One year has passed. In the waiting room of a railway station are a large number of people who have survived the war. Among them Ava, who has only one wish: to find Teo, whom she divorced shortly after the wedding, when they were deported to Auschwitz. Ava encounters Gustav, a returnee who is happy to be on his way to his family. Ava despairs of not having anyone to return to. The dead emerge from the memories, among them the tailor Isac. Ava longs intensely for Teo and suddenly she sees him, in a dream or hallucination. She is happy in his presence but when she returns to reality the pain comes. At night, Ava looks for Teo on the platform. She meets Maria, who is severely traumatized. Maria tells Ava that she will never find Teo, because everyone is dead. Even Ava, although she does not understand it yet. The dead appear again, among them Esther and Ivan who tell of their destinies. Ava sleeps when she is awakened by a guard, Fritz, who tells her not to be there. Ava climbs on a train that she thinks will take her to Auschwitz. When Fritz shouts that it is forbidden to go on board, Ava gets a nightmare-like hallucination. When she returns to reality, she approaches Fritz, tenderly and seductively, and he expresses a strong longing for her. She makes him think she wants him. He lets her board the train to wash herself. The train rolls away with Ava on board. Fritz remains on the platform and gets furious when he realizes that she has cheated on him. Ava collapses exhausted inside the train carriage. She longs for death. As she walks around in the carriage, she stumbles upon a man lying asleep, David. He talks about his feelings of guilt. In a nightmare-like look back, he sees how his sister Rebecca calls for help, but David does not dare to feel for her. David is awakened from his nightmare by Ava who tries to comfort him. They hold on to each other, but David's confusion and desperation cause him to lose control and his embrace becomes increasingly violent. Ava can not detach herself. A girl, Rosa, helps her. Ava starts beating David recklessly, but Rosa makes her stop. David opens the train door and throws himself - towards death. Ava gets anxious when she realizes that she has driven David to take her life. She is close to doing the same thing herself. But Rosa stops her.

aktas II

apibūdinimas: During the train journey, Ava and Rosa start talking tentatively and reluctantly. Rosa shares her bread with Ava and begins to tell about the food her mother used to cook. Rosa's longing turns into an intense daydream. But the positive memories turn into a painful flashback to what happened when Rosa divorced her family. Her brother Josef and mother Elisabeth forced Rosa to hide in a locker at home while they themselves tried to escape from the Nazis. When Rosa wakes up to reality, she is full of sadness and loss. Ava tries to comfort her. But Rosa repulses her. She does not want to receive any help, and says that Ava will never find Teo. At dawn, Ava dreams that she is looking for Teo and asks everyone she meets about him. Those who have survived the war and Auschwitz do not care about her. Those who have died surround Ava. Several of them emerge from the collective and tell about themselves and ask to be remembered. Ava wakes up when Rosa shakes her. Ava feels that she can not bear to continue looking for Teo, but Rosa says she must, and offers to help. Ava falls asleep again and dreams of Teo. Finally, Ava arrives at her destination. She manages to find Teo. He is half dead and refuses to believe that the person speaking to him is his wife. He can not hope for more. He does not even want to look at her. He just wants to die. All of Ava's desperate attempts are in vain. But when she finally sings about her love for Teo, he opens his eyes. And see his beloved.

Scene 1