Sep'21 - Feb'22
NNew production
Languages:  ItalianSurtitles:   German

Venue details

Opernhaus Dortmund , Theaterkarree 1-3, 44137 Dortmund, Germany

Full Production Cast & Crew

Cast & Crew

Costume designer
Set designer
Chorus master
Chorus Mater
Principal Investigator
Production Line
Dortmunder Philharmoniker
Opernchor Theater Dortmund
Mario Cavaradossi
Il Barone Scarpia (Baron Scarpia)
Il Sagrestano (The sacristan)
Cesare Angelotti (Caesar Angelotti)
Un carceriere (A jailer)

About the work

A passionate femme fatale, an activist artist and an unscrupulous police chief - paired with Puccini's poignant music they result in a gripping opera thriller of superlatives. Because the painter Cavaradossi helped the politically persecuted Angelotti to escape, he himself moved into the focus of state power. Scarpia uses Cavaradossi's lover to find out the whereabouts of the escaped man. It is the famous singer Tosca that the police chief himself desires. He forces her to listen to the screams of her tortured husband and her steadfastness is broken. Scarpia offers Tosca Cavaradossi's pardon in exchange for her body. She agrees and receives a permit, but before the police chief can approach her, she stabs him. The plot, which is compressed to the essentials, creates a soothing tension that relies on an almost cinematic density. The fusion of traditional and around 1900 very modern compositional elements together with the velvety-shimmering orchestration creates a very special sound-gothic. The voices and their melodies are in the foreground and create a refined figure psychology through their physical expressiveness. Intense, moving and exciting right up to the last second, the historical detective piece with a dense musical network offers everything you would expect from a great Italian opera. In-house director Nikolaus Habjan stages a modern psychological thriller with great love for the work, creating an unforgettable evening at the opera.
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