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Nationaltheater , Max-Joseph-Platz 2, 80539 München, Germany

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Aktoriai ir įgula

Stage director
Lighting designer
Costume designer
Set designer
Chorus master
Bavarian State Orchestra
Choir and children's choir of the Bavarian State Opera
Liù (Liu)
L'Imperatore Altoum (The Emperor Altoum)
Un Mandarino (A Mandarin)
Il Principe di Persia (The Prince of Persia)


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The people in a bloodlust: the public beheading of another suitor of the ruler is imminent. Because Princess Turandot never wants to belong to a man. That's why anyone who wants to marry her has to solve three puzzles. Those who fail to do this pay with their lives. An unknown prince, repulsed by Turandot's cruelty but attracted by her beauty, takes this life-threatening risk again - and solves the riddle. But did he thereby awaken the ice-cold, male-murdering ruler to love and put an end to the cruelty? Turandot is Giacomo Puccini's last opera. He died at a time when he had stalled over a hitherto unsolved dramaturgical problem with the composition: the princess was supposed to be an alternative to the anti-feminism of the fin de siècle. But how should he implement the transformation of the murderer of men into lovers? Puccini left the final love scene between Turandot and Calaf unfinished.
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