A powerful work that bursts into all frames: Sergei S. Prokofiev's monumental setting of Lev N. Tolstoy's monumental novel War and Peace.The action, which takes place during Napoleon's Russian campaign, has been compressed by the composer and his wife Mira into a powerful sequence of scenes in which the love story between Natasha Rostova and Andrei Bolkonski and the depiction of the Russian army's fight against the French invasion alternate in rich contrasts and at the same time are closely intertwined. How the arrogance of the old, ossified nobility stands in the way of the happiness of two young people, how a seduction succeeds and a kidnapping fails, how some renounce their love and others fall as heroes - and in all the splendor people search for a counterpart: that is what the music tells in their full abundance of magnificent themes and touchingly quiet moments. In its 13 scenes, Prokofiev's main work of music drama combines social drama and historical chronicles into an exuberant panorama. Now this opera can be experienced in Munich for the first time ever.