Venue details

St Petersburg Chamber Opera , Galernaya Ulitsa, 33, St Petersburg, 190000

Full Production Cast & Crew

Cast & Crew

Tatyana (Tatiana)
Yevgeniy Onegin (Eugene Onegin)
Yaramir Nizamutdinov
Knyaz Gremin (Prince Gremin)



About the work

play by Yuri Alexandrov allows you to take a fresh look at the familiar events of the most popular Russian opera. The characters are moved to the atmosphere of the Chekhov era, turning into intelligent “summer residents” of the late 19th century. Filled with many interesting directorial finds, the action captures the "non-operatic" dynamism of development. Gradually, picture by picture, the original idea of ​​the director becomes clear, according to which everything that happens is a figment of the imagination of the dreamy Tatiana, in whose creative consciousness the past, present and future are fancifully combined. The textbook love story as interpreted by Yuri Alexandrov takes on its original freshness.
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