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Komische Oper , Unter den Linden 41, 10117 Berlin

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Stage director
Lighting designer
Costume designer
Set designer
Chorus master
Orchester der Komischen Oper Berlin
Tatyana (Tatiana)
Yevgeniy Onegin (Eugene Onegin)
Knyaz Gremin (Prince Gremin)

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Act 1 An idyllic summer's day in the Russian provinces, you do what you do on such days: in the midst of a group of country people on excursions, the landowner Larina chats with the loyal domestic servant Filippewna, the wet nurse of her daughters Olga and Tatiana. The two old people make jam and remember: of former love hopes and the accustomed to disappointment. Larina's daughters sing a song, the fun-loving Olga dances, her introverted sister Tatjana prefers reading novels. Olga's fiancé, the young poet Lenski, appears and continues to make declarations of love for his beloved. Lensky brings with him a stranger whom he introduces as his friend and neighbor: Yevgeny Onegin. In the evening it happened to Tatiana. She is in love, she confesses to wet nurse Filippewna and that night writes a love letter to Onegin. But the next day Onegin coolly rejects Tatjana's revelation. Act 2 The Larin family celebrates Tatjana's name day exuberantly, there is drinking and dancing, the French Triquet dedicates a couplet to Tatiana for everyone's delight. Only Yevgeny Onegin can't get excited and, much to Lensky's annoyance, flirts with his fiancé Olga. The argument is followed by a scandal, and Lenski challenges Onegin to a duel that ends in disaster: Onegin kills his friend. 3rd act After years of aimless travel, Yevgeny Onegin arrives in Saint Petersburg at a ball at Prince Gremin's house. Gremin is newly married to Tatiana -. Alone, confused, in love, Onegin meets Tatiana and begs her to come with him! They both remember that summer in the country with tears . The once abandoned Tatiana rejects Onegin: It is irrevocably too late! She is married and Onegin's fate is no longer linked to hers ...
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