Komische Oper
Verurteilung des Lukullus, Dessau
Sun 25 Nov 2007
Sun 02, Fri 07, Wed 12, Fri 28 Dec 2007
05, Mon 14, Sun 20 Jan 2008
Fri 01 Feb 2008
Thu 24m, Thu 24 Jul 2008
New production
'The Trial of Lucullus'. Opera in 12 scenes (Berlin, Deutsche Staatsoper 1951)
The life of Lucullus, general and epicure, is weighed up in the land of the dead. How can the death of thousands of his soldiers be compared with his culinary achievements?
Libretto: Bertolt Brecht, after his radio play 'Das Verhör des Lukullus'
No more performances in this run
Lukullus/ Lasus
Die Kurtisane
Der Bäcker
Der Totenrichter
1. Frauenstimme
2. Frauenstimme
3. Frauenstimme