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Luc Bondy Swiss director. 17 Jul 1948, Z├╝rich -- 28 Nov 2015, Paris
Antwerpen(Vlaamse). Zemlinsky: Der Konig Kandaules (29 Nov-3 Apr).
Wien(Kammer). Traetta: Antigona (30 Nov-21 Dec).
Sydney(Pinchgut). Gretry: L'Amant jaloux (3-8 Dec).
Bergamo. Rossini: La scala di seta (4-6 Dec).
World premiere Dallas. Adamo: Becoming Santa Claus (4-12 Dec). Holiday opera. The young Prince Claus visits a new-born child with many gifts
Versailles. Pergolesi: Adriano in Siria (4 Dec).
Braunschweig. Dove: Mansfield Park (5 Dec-27 Feb).
Heidelberg(Theater). Vinci: Didone abbandonata (5 Dec-31 Jan).
Lucca. Pacini: Il convitato di pietra (5 Dec).
Rio de Janeiro. Aguiar: O Menino Maluquinho (5-13 Dec). Ópera em um ato, 1993; Libretto: Ziraldo Alves Pinto, after the comic book by Ziraldo

Acknowledgements: 'Performances': Drot og Marsk; Kasper Holten (prod), Den Jyske Opera, 2000 // 'Companies': Switzerland map, detail (c) Operabase 2005

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