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16 nov 2019 - 31 märts 2023
L'Ange de Nisida, DonizettiOpera: NA,  
Fondazione Teatro Donizetti Donizetti Opera  | Presentaciones (3)
18 november 2019operawire.comFrancisco Salazar
Donizetti Opera Festival 2019 Review: L’Ange De Nisida
Fridman was powerful, Konu Kim gave a profound performance filled with different colors and emotions. No one could ever anticipate what Kim would do with the role as he first entered Act one, singing with a bright timbre and giving each phrase a smooth and delicate color. His phrases starting out with a piano sound and would eventually crescendo to a forte with smoothness and facilit...
30 märts 2019 - 31 märts 2023
La Bohème, PucciniOpera: NA,  
Pittsburgh Opera  | Presentaciones (4)
02 aprill 2019entertainmentcentralpittsburgh.comRick Handler
Pittsburgh Opera’s ‘La bohème’ is Richly Entertaining
The sets for the Pittsburgh Opera production are quite magnificent. In Act II there’s a Paris street scene replete with tall buildings and even some snow falling, as Parpignol (tenor Terrence Chin-Loy) pushes his cart of toys through the street, captivating a group of children. In the Cafe Momus scene of Act II we are also introduced to a whirling dervish of a character, Musetta (sop...
31 märts CROAN
Pittsburgh Opera production of Puccini's 'La Boheme' captures the spirit of the novel
The Pittsburgh Opera staging by Stephanie Havey, which opened Saturday evening at the Benedum Center, captures the spirit of that novel remarkably well. The lithe and supple cast, though not in fact particularly young, looks and acts like young people – students and aspiring artists – just barely keeping the wolf from their door. The ensemble scenes came off best: the antics of the f...
16 märts 2013 - 31 märts 2023
Madama Butterfly, PucciniOpera: NA,  
Pittsburgh Opera  | Presentaciones (4)
17 märts 2013archive.triblive.comMARK KANNY
Review: Pittsburgh Opera presents unusual performance of 'Madama Butterfly'
The new staging of "Madama Butterfly" offered by Pittsburgh Opera for the first time on Saturday night employs some unusual musical and dramatic turns on the path to the excruciating pathos composer Giacomo Puccini created in this popular opera. The production features an effective cast led by soprano Maria Luigia Borsi, who gave a stunningly dramatic and well sung performance of the...