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01 mai 2014François Lehel
Marie Karall impose a grand Federica with the needed beautiful deep notes in her voice
06 novembre 2016Patrice Henriot
Marie Karall gives Fenena an unusual importance, which does not only holds back to the very beautiful sound of her "oh dischiuso è il firmamento", she restores a balance between both female figures of the drama, which are both political figures
02 novembre 2014Sébastien Foucart
Marie Karall stands out owing to her vocal quality, beautiful, dark and powerful voice
24 juin 2016Christine Harant
Confirmation for singers revealed around 2008: Marie Karall, the mezzo who received a standing ovation after her rendition of the Azucena aria from the Trovatore, Verdi
04 juin 2016Jacques Bonnaure
Beautiful discovery, the splendid mezzo Marie Karalll in Fenena. Endowed with an immediately moving and attractive voice tone, with a very subtle phrasing art, marvelousely used in the cavatina of act IV, she deserves leadership roles today"
08 juillet 2013Hubert Reidy
Marie Karall verkörpert mit warmer, einnehmender Mezzostimme eine liebenswürdige Fenena
08 juillet 2013Olivier Meier
Une Marie Karall au chant solide dans le rôle de la fille du roi
09 juillet 2013Laure Jacquier
Timbre magnifique et diction parfaite, jeu de comédien réellement convainquant. Très touchante et magistrale, excellence de ses aigus, la jeune mezzo-soprano française Marie Karall est une véritable révélation en Fenena. Sa voix est ample, ronde et souple.
01 septembre 2013Thierry Guyenne
Marie Karall, beautiful and Young french mezzo-soprano is a sensational Fenena