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1 oct - 1 oct 2022
Roméo et Juliette, Gounod,  
Novaya Opera  | Presentaciones (2)
19 agosto 2015newizv.ruMaya Krylova
Voices and echoes
The solid performance “Romeo and Juliet” by Gounod directed by Arnaud Bernard gave a number of excellent singing works
08 diciembre 2014www.operanews.ruFedor Borisovich
French charm of Shakespearean passions
If we leave out of the scope of discussion a certain oversaturation of the performance with unusually realistic battle scenes, then the New Opera can be congratulated on an interesting production. "Romeo and Juliet" by Arnaud Bernard not only follows the author's intention and relies on the director's concept built into the author's context, but is also saturated with elements of mod...
08 diciembre 2014www.belcanto.ruAlexander Kurmachev
A flawless contemporary performance
The Moscow Novaya Opera hosted the premiere of Gounod's masterpiece Romeo and Juliet. Our author Alexander Kurmachev attended the performance and, as always, in an acutely subjective and emotional style, without fear of sounding biased, shares his impressions with the readers. An impeccable modern opera performance has finally appeared in Moscow. What had been expected for so long, ...
08 diciembre Gaikovich,
Revenge is served hot
The Novaya Opera Theater hosted the premiere of Charles Gounod's Romeo and Juliet. The French director Arnaud Bernard became practically the only author of the production: in addition to the directing itself, he created the scenery, costumes and the lighting score of the performance. For the musical part, Fabio Mastrangelo was in charge, who lost the conductor's bridge to Andrei Lebe...
05 diciembre KRETOVA
Romeo and Juliet at the New Opera About fierce hatred and holy love
One of the finest classical operas - Romeo and Juliet by Charles Gounod - was staged at the New Opera. The complex score, which is rarely mastered on the Russian stage, was interpreted by musical director Fabio Mastrangelo and director (who is also an artist, including lighting) Arnaud Bernard. The directors reacted to the magnificent music with undisguised love and even delight. The...
05 diciembre 2014www.vedomosti.ruPyotr Pospelov
"Romeo and Juliet" at the "New Opera" - a performance for listeners and spectators
The premiere block of Romeo and Juliet took place at the Novaya Opera. Charles Gounod's masterpiece is well played and sung and is only partially spoiled by the direction At the beginning of the year, “Romeo and Juliet” was already performed at the Novaya Opera - in a concert performance, promising a full-fledged performance by the end of the year. The promise is kept: moreover, inst...
03 diciembre 2014www.kommersant.ruJulia Bederova,
Cheerful cruelty "Romeo and Juliet" by Gounod in the New Opera
The Novaya Opera Theater again decided on a bold repertoire move. "Romeo and Juliet" by Charles Gounod, although the opera is a world hit, has not been seen in Moscow for several decades. Stage director Arnaud Bernard showed her to the audience cheerful and fresh, which Yulia BEDEROVA was convinced of at the premiere of the performance. The French lyric opera Romeo and Juliet is not...
01 diciembre 2014www.colta.ruEkaterina Biryukova,
Far ahead of its competitors, Novaya Opera, taking either the European or the Ministry of Culture course towards intensification, is offering its third premiere of the season. After Britten and Mozart - French lyric opera. And we can do that too. And all on their own. Almost. For the first time in 40 years, one of the main operas of the French repertoire, Romeo and Juliet by Charles...
01 diciembre 2014rg.ruIrina Muravyova,
Red and black The Novaya Opera hosted the premiere of "Romeo and Juliet"
For the first time in the last forty years, the opera Romeo and Juliet by Charles Gounod appeared on the Moscow stage. The famous score was staged with the New Opera troupe by French director Arnaud Bernard (aka set designer, costume and lighting designer) and conductor Fabio Mastrangelo (Italy). There are hardly those who remember the Moscow opera Romeo - Sergei Lemeshev, who perfo...