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When midnight strikes, the gypsies gather around the fire to read the fate of their loves in the mysteries of the tarot. Among them, the tenebrous Candelas is consumed by jealousy and grief. To win back her lost lover, she uses the ancestral spells of her people and the incantations of black magic. On the other side of the world, far beyond the Pyrenees and the Alps, a still innocent Moravian peasant tries in vain to resist the magnetic charm of a young Gypsy. The memory of their first embrace becomes an obsession. His days in the fields are no more than a long wait that ends at nightfall in the arms of the one he loves but whom the whole village distrusts. Written at the end of the First World War on both sides of Europe, the haunting songs ofSorcerer's Love (1915) and Diary of a Disappeared (1921) bear witness to the fantasies that surround the figure of the gypsy in the arts, a free and passionate lover, inevitably mysterious and a bit of a magician. The American director Daniel Fish brings them together in one and the same show, with the complicity of the choreographer Manuel Liñán and Arthur Lavandier who offers a new orchestration to Janáček's cycle.