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1 Apr. 2022 - 21 März 2023
Last Paradise Lost, WernoOpera: NA,  
Theater Münster  | Vorstellungen (2)
Stage director
13 Dezember 2021www.wa.deWestphalian Gazette - Achim Lettmann
Bombastic rock music and magnificent pictures: "Last Paradise Lost" with the group Vanden Plas is celebrated by the audience at the Theater Münster
With colossal force and unscrupulous abundance of power, a final battle for the world is staged in Münster's Great House. Adam and Eve are in danger. […] Such precisely staged mass scenes are the strength of the premiere “Last Paradise Lost”. Günter Werno (music), Andy Kuntz, Johannes Reitmeier (both libretto, sequence of scenes) and Stephan Lill are responsible for the rock opera. [...