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27 Nov. 2021 - 28 Mai 2022
Die Zauberflöte, Mozart,  
Mainfranken Theater Würzburg25 Vorstellungen
28 November 2021www.mainpost.deMathias WiedemannWhy this "magic flute" is the best remedy for corona frustration
What is this piece? "The Magic Flute" is Mozart's last opera. It was first performed in 1791 and has been a world hit ever since – with a confused plot but an incredible number of wonderful melodies. why is it so famous Probably no other opera radiates so much humanity and love. The piece works again and again, even in the wildest productions. The message: There is always hope in life. How is the Würzburg new production? Fairytale, human and musically very successful. Director Andreas Wiedermann also manages to break two decisive breaks in the plot ..
16 Sep. 2018 - 14 Apr. 2019
Die Zauberflöte, Mozart,  
Theater Krefeld und Mönchengladbach11 Vorstellungen
25 September 2019opernmagazin.dePeter Bilsing"Die Zauberflöte“ – Hollywood lässt grüssen!
"Diego Martin-Etxebarria's musical direction renounced to traditional consecration and grandeur and celebrated a highly modern Mozart with elegance and fluent liveliness. The Niederrheinische Sinfoniker played with stylistic confidence - I would even say with outstanding virtuosity. We haven't heard such a convincing Mozart in a long time - to do so one has to drive far."