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7 spa - 7 spa 2022
Malmö Opera  | Spektakliai (16)
13 vasario 2022www.aftonbladet.seLennart Bromander
The soloists and music surpass the acrobats
Malmö Opera almost never hires Swedish singers in leading roles, but instead seeks out the international market. In the new set of Rossini's Barber in Seville , we meet a Figaro from Lithuania, an Almaviva from South Africa, a Rosina from Germany, a Bartolo from Italy and a Basilio from Greece. The Swedish colors are defended by the young Elin Eriksson in the small role as Berta (and...
7 spa - 7 spa 2022
Malmö Opera  | Spektakliai (4)
24 kovo 2019www.sydsvenskan.seCarlhåkan Larsén, Sydsvenskan
Unpretentious set with maintained inner quality
Under the light-hearted situation comedy hides totalitarian bureaucracy and grim seriousness. Carlhåkan Larsén sees a set that, despite the limitations, does not compromise on the inner quality.