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Über das Werk

Libretto Victor Léon and Leo Stein based on Henri Meilhac's comedy "L'attaché d'ambassade" The state of Pontevedro is on the verge of bankruptcy. All legal means of budget consolidation have been exhausted. The situation is hopeless. Only a cleverly engineered coup can guarantee the continued existence of the banana republic: a local must be married to the rich and beautiful widow Hanna Glawari in order to keep her immense fortune in the state. The young woman seems to prefer to look for a new husband abroad - the Pontevedrin establishment must prevent that in any case, because her millions are urgently needed in the country! Franz Lehár's operetta is a timelessly entertaining work that combines heartbreak, romance and a wealth of melodies with turbulent political satire and social bite. For the aspiring composer, who was also in financial difficulties at the time the operetta was written and had to borrow money from his publisher, DIE LUSTIGE WIDOW meant the end of all material worries. Director Felix Seiler, who has made a name for himself in recent years with his operetta productions, is making his Cottbus debut with this top-class musical entertainment.