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Details der Spielstätte

Opernhaus Dortmund , Theaterkarree 1-3, 44137 Dortmund, Germany

Vollständige Besetzung & Stab der Produktion

Besetzung & Produktionsteam

Dortmund Philharmonic Orchestra
Opernchor Theater Dortmund
Principal Investigator
production line
assistant director
Choreographic Assistant
stage manager
Assistant Set Design
Hanna Glawari (Hannah Glawari)
Graf Danilo Danilowitsch
Baron Mirko Zeta
Camille de Rosillon (Camille de Rossilon)
Raoul de Saint-Brioche


Über das Werk

It is an erotic interplay of power that the protagonists of the Merry Widow indulge in. The trigger is the class difference that still prevails in Paris at the beginning of the 20th century: Because Count Danilo was not allowed to marry the middle-class Hanna Glawari, whom he loved, he became a bon vivant. Thanks to a well-considered marriage, she has meanwhile advanced to become a millionaire widow and is the focus of attention: As a young, highly attractive and wealthy woman, the hearts of men are at her feet. At a ball, Danilo meets the former childhood love and the old feelings rekindle. But Hanna's millions weigh heavily on a possible relationship ... In the Merry Widowthe dance operetta reaches its climax, which is evident in the dazzling pomp of the individual acts: from sophisticated Parisian to Balkan folklore to nightlife, apart from the ambiguous plot, sensuality, opulence and joie de vivre are celebrated. In 1928 a new production with the operetta stars Fritzi Massary and Walter Jankuhn was brought out in the Großer Schauspielhaus Berlin, which set new standards. The Dortmund Opera is now for the first time tracing the musical characteristics of this legendary production.