Dettagli della sede
Grosses Haus (Wiesbaden) , Christian-Zais-Str. 3, 65189 Wiesbaden, Germany
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Cast e team di produzione

Direzione d'orchestra
Direzione del coro
Hessian State Orchestra Wiesbaden
Choir of the Hessian State Theater WiesbadenWiesbaden Boys Choir
Informazioni sull'opera
In opera, the dramatic, the sad and the funny are often close together. Giacomo Puccini may have had this very thought in mind when he began to create an opera evening around the turn of the century, in which three one-act operas were to be performed, each of which had to serve a different genre as an example: the drama, the touching melodrama and the comedy. In this way the three one-act plays "The Coat" ("Il tabarro"), "Sister Angelica" ("Suor Angelica") and "Gianni Schicchi" were created, which the composer combined to form "The Triptych" ("Ilertrico").