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Teatro Malibran , Corte del Teatro Malibran, Cannaregio 5873, 30121 Venezia, Italy

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Cast e team di produzione

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Orchestra del Teatro La Fenice

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Vivaldi wrote La Griselda in 1735 as a showcase for the mezzo-soprano Anna Girò, very close to him in art and life. The subject of the work derives from the medieval tale of Patient Griselda, elaborated by Boccaccio and by Chaucer as an example of female constancy through the most cruel trials. It was with La Griselda that Vivaldi, hitherto considered too plebeian musician to be represented in the best theaters in Venice, finally set foot in the elegant Teatro Grimani di San Samuele. Six characters sing a variety of 'confrontation arias' whose lyrics allude to storms, birds, lightning bolts etc., each with the brilliant musical illustrations well known from Vivaldi's concerts.