Dez'20 - Juni'21

Macbeth - Concert performance

Sprachen:  ItalienischÜbertitel:   Bulgarisch, Englisch

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Sofia Opera , ул. „Врабча“ 1, 1000 София, Bulgaria

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Sofia Opera Orchestra
Sofia Opera Chorus
Lady Macbeth
Dama di Lady Macbeth (Kammerfrau der Lady Macbeth)
Sicario (Mörder)
Araldo (Herold)
Un domestico di Macbeth (Ein Diener Macbeths)




Über das Werk

Place and time of the action: Scotland, 11th century Act One On a bare hill on the way to Inverness in Scotland, witches recount their daily adventures and enjoy the mists that portend a storm. At this late hour, Macbeth and Banco, generals of King Duncan's army, pass by. They had just won a victory over the armies of the nobles who had rebelled against the king. Seeing the strange creatures, the two men stop and start a conversation with them. Witches hailed Macbeth, calling him "tan (ruler) of Glamis", "tan of Caudor" and "future king of Scotland", and predicted to his friend Banko that he would be "father of future kings". The two brave men are shocked: "King of Scotland"! The ambition that these strange beings have reawakened is dormant in Macbeth's soul. The witches soon disappeared, and before the two embarrassed and excited wars, royal envoys appeared, who came to inform Macbeth that the king was honoring him with the post of Caudorian Tan. Divided between vanity and honesty, Macbeth decides, however, not to violently encroach on Duncan's crown and to wait for fate to present it to him. At Macbeth Castle in Inverness. Lady Macbeth reads a letter from her husband in which he informs her of the prophecy of the witches. Overwhelmed by dreams of power and glory, she wants to strengthen her husband's spirit so that he can embark more boldly on the path of violence that will lead him to the throne. A servant enters, announcing the forthcoming visit of King Duncan, who has decided to spend the night at the home of his faithful Macbeth. After a while, Macbeth arrives and his wife manages to persuade him to kill the old and weak king. The trumpets of the royal envoys herald Duncan's arrival. After a short solemn ceremony, the king was taken to his allotted rooms, and the court retinue retired to sleep. Left alone, Macbeth fights with himself to gather strength for the crime committed by his beloved wife, which he, the ambitious and power-hungry man, also secretly wanted. At last the doomed bell rings, Lady Macbeth's symbol. Macbeth heads for the king's chambers. Embarrassed by the long wait, his wife goes to see what happened. With bloodied hands and insane with terror, Macbeth stands before her with two daggers in her hands, the two husbands go to their bedroom, before throwing the daggers at the sleeping servants of the king, accusing them of murder. Banko and McDuff, a Scottish warrior, enter and announce that he has been ordered to wake Duncan before sunrise. Discovering the terrible crime, McDuff wakes up the whole castle. Macbeth himself kills the king's servants. Shocked by the insidious murder, the courtiers sent the body to their ruler. Act Two In Macbeth's room, Lady Macbeth rebukes her husband for staying away from her and tries in vain to snatch him from his gloomy forebodings. Overwhelmed by the witches' predictions that the Bank's sons would rule after him, he decides on a new crime - to kill his closest friend and his son Flins. The lady is already anticipating the bliss of omnipotence. Near Banko's castle, several assassins are waiting for an agreed sign from Macbeth. Upon learning of the plot, Banko decides to run away with his son. The killers managed to kill the father, but the boy escaped and survived. At Macbeth's castle, his wife throws a feast to distract courtiers from Banko's murder. The new king of Scotland is hypocritically worried about his friend's delay. One of the killers stands at the door, announcing the boy's crime and escape. At that moment, Macbeth sees Banco's ghost in his chair. In desperation, he almost betrays himself and soon expels the terrified guests. There is no longer any doubt about McDuff - Macbeth is a murderer! Act Three On the bare hill on the way to Inverness, the witches perform their magic again. They are interrupted by Macbeth, who has come to them to find out his future. First, a ghostly warrior with a helmet appears to him and warns them to beware of McDuff. The second apparition - a bloodied child - reassures Macbeth that no man born of a mortal woman can defeat him, and the third ghost with the appearance of a royal teenager and a twig in his hand foretells that he will be invincible until The Bernama forest did not go against him. Joyful, Macbeth asks the witches if Banco's sons will really rule after him. In response, the witches summon the visions of eight kings, descendants of Banco, who pass through Macbeth's horrified gaze. The last king is Banko. When he appears, Macbeth loses consciousness and the witches disappear. Lady Macbeth arrives, looking for her husband. After recovering, he tells her about the horror he experienced. The two decide to finally destroy the McDuff and Banco clans. Fourth act Cemetery next to the Bernama Forest. The people tormented by Macbeth's tyranny mourn their fate. McDuff's Castle in Fife. In front of the corpses of his wife and children, brutally killed by Macbeth's men, McDuff calls on God to help him in revenge. Battle trumpets are heard. Malcolm, Duncan's son, arrives, at the head of the rebellious people who have gone to war against Macbeth. Malcolm ordered the fighters to cover their shields with tree branches from the Bernama Forest. In front of Lady Macbeth's chambers, the court lady called a doctor to watch her mistress wander strangely around the castle. And here, after a long wait, the sick queen finally appears, who in her dream repeats aloud the most terrible moments of her criminal life. She tries in vain to wipe the blood from her hands. Macbeth still believes he will defeat Malcolm and McDuff's armies, and yet he curses his fate. A court lady comes and informs him of the queen's death, but at this hour he despises life. Malcolm, McDuff, and their soldiers stepped forward, holding the branches of the Burnham Forest in front of them. The prediction comes true. Macbeth leads his army in a final, decisive battle. Amid the sound of swords, McDuff confronts Macbeth, who declares in his threats that he cannot be defeated by a man born of a mortal woman. McDuff then replies that he was not born, but was removed from his mother's womb after her death. At the end of the battle, among the corpses of the slain and wounded, Macbeth died, realizing in his dying hour the truth about his lost life.