PROLOG Mitridate, the king of Pontus, is at war with the Romans and has lost a great battle. To test the loyalty of his sons, he has Arbate, the governor of Nymphæum, announce that the king has died in battle.

aktas I

apibūdinimas: Arbate swears allegiance to Sifare, Mitridate's younger son. Sifare is in conflict with his older brother Farnace, due to his strong ties with the enemy, the Romans. Mitridate's betrothed Aspasia asks Sifare for help to escape Farnace, who wants to marry her now that he thinks her father is dead. Sifare promises to help her and at the same time reveals that he loves her. Farnace courtesy Aspasia intensely, but she eats him with the support of Sifare. They are reached by the news that Mitridate is alive. Arbate asks the brothers to put their differences aside and they agree to hide their feelings for Aspasia. Farnace secretly conspires with the Roman legionary Marzio to overthrow Mitridate. Mitridate arrives with Princess Ismene, whom he wants Farnace to marry to strengthen the alliance with her father, King of Prathia. Ismene is in love with Farnace but suspects that something is not right. Arbate reports that Farnace is courting Aspasia and Mitridate is swearing revenge.

aktas II

apibūdinimas: Farnace mocks and threatens Ismene. She tells it to Mitridate who suggests that she marry Sifare instead. Mitridate wants to speed up her marriage to Aspasia but she hesitates and he understands that she is unfaithful. Aspasia reveals to Sifare that she loves him but they agree to divorce to save their honor and Sifare plans to leave. Mitridate is aware of Farnace's betrayal. Torts that Marzio offers peace, Mitridate has Farnace arrested to be executed. Ismene appeals to the prince, who admits his guilt but also withdraws Sifare. Mitridate tricks Aspasia into revealing her love for Sifare, and vows to take revenge on her second son as well.

aktas III

apibūdinimas: Ismene, who still loves Farnace, tries to convince Mitridate to forgive Aspasia. The Romans attack and Mitridate sets out for battle. Aspasia is considering killing herself with poison. Sifare, who also wants to die, sets out to fight with his father. Marzio frees Farnace and promises that he will rule over the Nymphæum. But Farnace regrets it and decides to support his father. Mitridate is defeated and throws himself on his sword so as not to be captured. Before he dies, he gives Sifare and Aspasia his blessing and forgives Farnace, who agrees to marry Ismene. All four swear to liberate the world from the Romans.


  • Mitridate

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