Narraboth and his people describe the beauty of Princess Salome, who lives with her mother Herodias in the house of her stepfather, ruler Herod. Over and over again Salome hears the voice of Jokanaan. He proclaims the prophetic message of the overthrow of the existing order. Salome is attracted by this voice and what he says. She demands a meeting with Jokanaan, and against all orders she is allowed. Jokanaan speaks to Salome, as well as her stepfather, who fears him, and her mother, who makes fun of him. He continues to attack Salome's parents, and his voice breaks into a closed father-mother-child system. Herod makes Salome ambiguous proposals and even hints in the future that she can take the place of her mother. The oppressive atmosphere is constantly aggravated by the insistent voice of Jokanaan, which ignites violent disputes among Herod's guests. Herod asks his stepdaughter to dance for him. For this, she takes an oath from him to fulfill any of her wishes. After the dance, Salome demands the head of Jokanaan. She rejects all other proposals of the shocked Herod. Herod has no choice: he orders the beheading of Jokanaan. An eerie silence falls. The head falls. Salome's desire was fulfilled, she achieved her goal. But did she defeat her father?