Details der Spielstätte

Wiener Staatsoper , Opern-Ring 2, A-1015 Wien, Austria

Vollständige Besetzung & Stab der Produktion

Besetzung & Produktionsteam

Tatyana (Tatjana)
Filippyevna (Filipjewna)
Yevgeniy Onegin (Eugen Onegin)
Lensky (Lenski)
Knyaz Gremin (Fürst Gremin)
Zaretsky (Saretzki)


Alte Dame zu Gast

Über das Werk

Scene 1 MADAME LARINA, her daughters TATIANA and OLGA, the nurse FILIPPYEVNA, VLADIMIR LENSKY, EUGENE ONEGIN Neighbours, guests The Larins’ home. Lensky, a neighbor of the Larins and Olga’s bridegroom, unexpectedly brings his friend Onegin, recently arrived from the capital, to visit them. The unknown guest causes a kerfuffle in the dailyroutine of the Larin household: No one hides their interest in him. Onegin doubts in the wisdom of his friend’s choice. The meeting with Onegin has made a deep impression on Tatiana. Scene 2 TATIANA, the nurse FILIPPYEVNA Noticing Tatiana’s agitation, her nurse tries to distract her and calm her down. Left alone, Tatiana writes a letter to Onegin. She sees him as her chosen one. At dawn, Tatiana asks her nurse to deliver the letter to Onegin. Scene 3 TATIANA, EUGENE ONEGIN Day-time. Tatiana anxiously awaits an answer to her declaration of love. Onegin arrives. He is touched by Tatiana’s sincerity, but cannot reciprocate her feelings. Scene 4 MADAME LARINA, TATIANA, OLGA, VLADIMIR LENSKY, EUGENE ONEGIN, FILIPPYEVNA, ZARETSKY Neighbors, guests Tatiana’s Name-day. Lensky has persuaded Onegin to pay another visit to the Larins. But he is irritated by everything. Deciding to punish Lensky for bringing him, he demonstratively flirts with Olga. Olga’s prompt response to Onegin’s advances, afflicts Lensky. He picks a quarrel with Onegin and challenges him to a duel. Scene 5 VLADIMIR LENSKY, EUGENE ONEGIN, ZARETSKY, OLGA, MADAME LARINA, FILIPPYEVNA, GUILLOT Neighbors, guests Morning. Lensky awaits Onegin. He thinks with pain and anguish about his life. Onegin, who arrives late, is reluctant to take the conflict to its conclusion. Both men feel privately that they have acted rashly. But it is too late, there is no going back. A shot is fired, Lensky is fatally wounded. Scene 6 EUGENE ONEGIN, TATIANA, PRINCE GREMIN Guests Several years later. After a long absence, Onegin has returned to life in the cap- ital and meets Tatiana. She is married and social life in the capital now revolves round her. Onegin is shocked at his refusal. The transformation in Tatiana and the fact she is now out of reach arouse mad passion in Onegin. Scene 7 TATIANA, EUGENE ONEGIN Onegin manages to obtain a meeting with Tatiana. His words ring with repentance and regret. Demanding that his passion be reciprocated, he extorts from Tatiana the admission that she still loves him. But her decision to stay with her husband is final. Onegin is distraught.