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Marnie Breckenridge, soprano

Marnie Breckenridge
Informații furnizate de teatrul liric
Informații furnizate de impresar/artist
Datele tur
De la / La
Companie / Loc
Producția echipa
Mai 2020
Vi 15, Du 17 Mai 2020
Harvey Milk cancelled
Dianne Feinstein
Opera Parallèle, San Francisco
Blue Shield of California Theater
D: Paiement
R: Staufenbiel
Feb 2020
Mi 19, Jo 20, Vi 21, Sb 22, Du 23m Feb 2020
JacquelineWorld premiere
Tapestry Opera, Toronto
Betty Oliphant Theatre
D: Mori
R: Koo
Oct 2019
Mi 02 Oct 2019
OP's annual Gala
Opera Parallèle, San Francisco
War Memorial & Performing Arts Center
The Green Room
D: Paiement
R: Staufenbiel
Mar 2019
Jo 28, Vi 29, Sb 30, Du 31m Mar 2019
Today It RainsWorld premiere
Rebecca 'Beck' Strand
Opera Parallèle, San Francisco
Z Space
D: Paiement
R: Staufenbiel