Recensioni della produzione (20)

1 Oct - 1 Oct 2022
Rigoletto, Verdi,  
Bregenzer Festpiele  | Rappresentazioni (27)
 | Stage director: Philipp Stölzl
19 July 2019www.wienerzeitung.atJudith Belfkih
"Rigoletto" als kluges Opernspektakel
Dass sich auf der riesigen Bühne so etwas wie Intimität einstellt, das liegt auch an den Musikern. Stephen Costello ist ein viriler und stimmlich schneidiger Herzog, der sich mühelos in die Herzen der Frauen singt.
1 Oct - 1 Oct 2022
Frédégonde, Guiraud,  
Theater Dortmund  | Rappresentazioni (6)
  | Conductor: Motonori Kobayashi
 | Stage director: Marie-Eve Signeyrole
21 November 2021www.theaterdo.deDeutschlandfunk
Musically, this opera is definitely worth it
"The opera was forgotten until yesterday, because yesterday evening 'Frédégonde' premiered at the Dortmund Opera and because of the great international interest, the performance was also streamed." "It's such a typical music from the end of the 19th century, there's a lot of grand opera to be heard, so choir (...). There is also a lot of Wagner's influence to be heard and, I found t...
24 November 2021www.theaterdo.deThe German Stage
They sang on a knife's edge with crazy, passionate commitment
"They sang on a knife's edge with crazy, passionate commitment. The ensemble, which was already legendary due to its vocal condition, was believed to have every word and every note of this blood and hormone rush. This film by director Marie-Eve Signeyrole and her artistic partner Laurent La Rosa was made with tactile and sensitive editing synchrony to the score. In front of the big ...
03 January 2022www.theaterdo.deOpera glasses
Signeyrole and la Rosa find great images against the impressive backdrop of the castle, which merge with the music to create an experience that has an almost opulent character.
"Signeyrole and la Rosa find great images against the impressive backdrop of the castle, which merge with the music to create an experience that has an almost opulent character. (...) Musically, there is a difference between the two composers, although it is difficult to decide whether one should give preference to Guiraud with his rather 'lovely' style or Saint-Saëns with the opule...
03 January 2022www.theaterdo.deOpera World
coming in the aria packaging
"With the loss of memorable eternity melodies (usually coming in the aria packaging), one is quite captivated by the score. Here, essential and serious (serious) things are told in music. You never have the feeling that there is a small master at work; although the part of Saint-Saens is perhaps rounder, more casual to ears. Interpretatively, the evening in Dortmund is pleasing. Mon...
26 November 2021www.theaterdo.deOrpheus
A discovery of which the Dortmund Opera can be proud
"The fact that the music comes to its right in view of the visual triplet and the associated pictorial overload is thanks to the passionate conductor Motonori Kobayashi and the famous ensemble. Anna Sohn as Brunhilda, who is also vocally cultivated in espressivo, contrasts perfectly with the powerful mezzo of Hyona Kim's Frédégonde. Sergey Romanovsky, who only stepped in shortly befo...
03 January 2022www.theaterdo.deOpera!
Women of power need powerful voices
"Women of power need powerful voices. At the Dortmund Opera you have at least two of these miracle creatures, which are extremely sought-after in the opera business. (...) Anna Sohn embodies the simpler, because large-scale suffering and therefore more touching figure with looks as deep and melodic arcs as far as the Atlantic Ocean on Brittany. A strong lyrical soprano and even with ...
28 November 2021www.theaterdo.deConcerti
Frédégonde' is much more than a stimulating excavation
"'Frédégonde' is much more than a stimulating excavation. It is part of a dramaturgically ambitious context network that Germeshausen is tapping into through the new production of Richard Wagner's 'Der Ring des Nibelungen', which none other than Peter Konwitschny will be responsible for from May 2022, starting with the premiere of 'Die Walküre'. (...) Marie-Eve Signeyrole proves how...
28 November 2021www.theaterdo.deFrankfurter Rundschau
A great evening
"The production in question is not only one of those that have already been postponed, it was also created under tightened Corona conditions, you can see it, you see the love of theatre and the creativity with which this can happen. A great evening. (...) In the huge Dortmund Opera House, the audience sits exclusively in the stands. The choir (conducted by Fabio Mancini) is distribu...
1 Oct - 1 Oct 2022
La traviata, Verdi,  
Royal Opera House  | Rappresentazioni (13)
 | Stage director: Richard Eyre
26 June 2017www.ayoungertheatre.comJESSICA HANDSCOMB
Bakanova is undeniably the star of the show. Her voice, pure and clean, dips and rises above the orchestra. She exudes a simmering balance of gentility and intensity, weakness and strength. Her dramatization of Violetta is as brilliant and vibrant as her voice, and the emotion she injects into her arias, particularly Amami, Alfredo and the haunting Addio, del passato, is palpable. Ay...