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Whitaker Mills, bariton

Whitaker Mills
Informații furnizate de teatrul liric
Informații furnizate de impresar/artist
Datele tur
De la / La
Companie / Loc
Producția echipa
Iul 2020
Ma 21, Jo 23, Sb 25, Mi 29, Vi 31 Iul 2020
Margot la Rouge cancelled
First Drinker
Opera Holland Park, London
Holland Park Theatre
D: Cilluffo
R: Lloyd-Evans
Iul-Aug 2020
Sb 18, Mi 22, Vi 24, Ma 28, Jo 30 Iul 2020
Sb 01 Aug 2020
The Merry Widow cancelled
Opera Holland Park, London
Holland Park Theatre
D: Andrews
R: Luscombe
Ian 2019
Mi 16, Vi 18, Du 20m, Ma 22, Vi 25, Du 27m, Ma 29 Ian 2019
Porgy and Bess
De Nationale Opera, Amsterdam
Het Muziektheater
D: Gaffigan
R: Robinson
Oct-Noi 2018
Jo 11+, Sb 13, Mi 17, Vi 19, Mi 24, Vi 26, Sb 27, Lu 29, Mi 31 Oct 2018
Sb 03m, Jo 08, Sb 10, Mi 14, Sb 17m Noi 2018
Porgy and BessPremiere
English National Opera, London
D: Wilson
R: Robinson