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The musical performance was more energetic than dazzling, but it had undeniable integrity. Firm, judicious guidance came from Manhattan School of Music alumnus Israel Gursky, who has been conducting at Washington National Opera since 2007. He found a viable balance between detail and pacing. The tightly controlled ensembles did not culminate in a virtuoso blaze of speed or push too obviously for dramatic depth but followed a more modest dynamic. Each of the acts worked to a convincing conclusion in calibrated steps. As in any worthy Così, the emotional high points came in the crucial Act II love duets of both couples - "Il core vi dono" and especially the soprano-tenor "Fra gli amplessi" - which were performed with affecting lyricism.

01 März 2012David J. Baker

This year marked the company debut of Israel Gursky, a gifted young conductor whose quiet command drew lush, beautiful sounds from the pit. Tempos were brisk, and lines were shaped exquisitely: the climatic crowd scene, in which Mercutio and Tybalt are slain, was beautifully crafted by Gursky and Vaughn, with rousing well-executed swordplay choreographed by Mark Bedell.

01 Oktober 2008Judith Malafronte,
Fedora, Giordano
D: Malena Dayen
C: Israel Gursky
Teatro Grattacielo 2020 Review: Fedora

”[Eugenia] Forteza and soprano Kinneret Ely in their shorter roles also bring an absolutely special sound into the cold surrounding.”

03 Dezember 2020operawire.comPolina Lyapustina
Umberto Giordano — FEDORA

”…the lines voiced with an apt aura of bright-toned innocence by soprano Kinneret Ely…”

16 Dezember 2020www.voix-des-arts.comJoseph Newsome

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