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Renewing your subscription

Subscriptions renew automatically until you cancel them. We remind you of upcoming payments depending on your payment cycle

  • Monthly payment: We issue an invoice upon charging you every month and send this to your email.
  • Annual payment: We issue an email reminder of your upcoming renewal 30 days (“Reminder Date”) before charging you.

Payment methods (credit cards, bank transfer)

We use Stripe to securely process your payment. Stripe also handles all storing of your credit card data. When logged in, you can review your payment methods and added credit cards in your account settings to manage your cards.

For annual subscriptions you can choose to pay by bank transfer. If this choice is made, we will issue an invoice due at the expiry date with payment details at the Reminder Date mentioned above.

In case an automatic payment fails, we automatically retry 3 times over a period of 2 weeks after which we may cancel your subscription.

In case of late payment of bank transfer we remind a total of 2 times over 2 weeks. Thereafter we may cancel your subscription.


You may cancel your subscription anytime and it will then expire at the end of a subscription term. Contact us on contact@operabase.com

Allow us up to 5 weekdays to process your cancellation. In some cases, we might ask you for your reason to cancel in order to improve our offering in the future.

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