O tem





German, the protagonist of the opera, is in love with Lisa, a girl from a noble and wealthy family. But to him, a poor officer, she "cannot belong." Moreover, as it turned out, Liza has a fiancé ... Gloomy and silent, Herman spends the whole night at the card table, but does not enter the game. A real storm in the troubled soul of the hero is born by the story of a friend - he hears from Tomsky an anecdote about the countess, whom rumor called the Queen of Spades. In her youth, the beautiful countess passionately loved the card game, and once, with a big loss, she was called three cards. Betting on them, she won three times in a row. The countess has already revealed this secret to two, and from the third - death is predicted for her. From that moment on, Herman's consciousness is driven by two conflicting manias, two passions: the thirst for love and the thirst to learn the secret of the three cards - to get rich. Gradually, the second, becoming from a means - an end, displaces the first ...