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Opéra , Place de la Mairie, 35000 Rennes, France

Celotna produkcijska igralska zasedba in ekipa

Igralska zasedba in ekipa

Stage director
Lighting designer
Costume designer
Set designer
National Orchestra of Brittany



O delu

Hat At the end of the premiere of Trois Contes at the Lille Opera in 2019, when the spectators shared their enthusiasm, the press was unanimous and hailed an exceptional world creation. Presentation So what links unite the 3 stories that make up this show, The Princess with the Pea , Proust's Mantle and The Devil in the Belfry? For David Lescot, author of the libretto and director, “if there is a common figure in these three tales, it could be that of the relationship with the foreigner, between fear and fascination.” Gérard Pesson, author of a refined and often facetious music, has fun stuffing its score with musical quotes while creating a singular language. The result is bluffing of invention, mischievous winks and poetry. A dreamlike and musical journey full of fancy, served by a platter of remarkable young singers
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