Production reviews (2)

27 Jan. - 27 Jan. 2023
Nixon in China, Adams,J,  
ENO Baylis  | Performances (5)
  | Conductor: Paul Daniel
 | Stage director: Peter Sellars
English National Opera – Nixon in China
“Nixon in China”, John Adams’s first opera is that rare – if not unique – phenomenon; namely a work which, at its première in Houston in October 1987, concerned people who were still alive and events which occurred some fifteen years beforehand and thus within the audience’s living memory. Over thirty years on from President Nixon’s visit to China, it is perhaps not so easy to apprec...
27 Jan. - 27 Jan. 2023
Albert Herring, Britten,  
The Grange Festival The Grange Festival  | Performances (5)
  | Conductor: Steuart Bedford
 | Stage director: John Copley
Melanie Eskenazi - Music OMH
Superintendent Budd in Albert Herring by Britten
Andri Björn Róbertsson's Superintendent Budd was another brilliantly drawn characterization, finely sung and funny without descending into ridicule.