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  • Review the performance schedules and archives from 1996 in 31 languages for 2724 companies, 796 festivals, 126113 artists
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  • Comprehensive artist performance history, repertoire and upcoming schedule
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Premier Casting Tool for future season programming and jump-ins with a dedicated page for every production in your season.
  • Season planning and management
  • Access to Operabase historical archives
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A visible roster and complete data make you globally accessible for business.
  • Define representation details of artists on your roster
  • List agents' contacts, agency information and assign individual agents to artist
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World-class visibility for artists towards artistic directors and a global opera audience
  • Amplify your schedule and performance history
  • Define your career trajectory via repertoire function
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Get verified operatic information at your fingertips.
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A resource that provides easy and quick access to global operatic data.
  • Detailed artist schedules, performance history, repertoire, videos and more with ticketing information for upcoming shows
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