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Opéra de Toulon

Pierre Ribemont

Artistic administrator Toulon Opera House

It is a chance having such tool. It helps every day to improve our experience and really helpful for the choice we have to make, especially in case of emmergency.

Detroit Opera

Christine Goerke

Associate Artistic Director

I am always pleased to have the ability to look to Operabase for the most recent information in our industry. The new additions to the casting tool box have been especially helpful. Thanks for making this platform so user friendly and easily accessible.

Lyric Opera of Kansas City

Brad Trexell

Director of Artistic Administration / Lyric Opera of Kansas City

I have been using Operabase for many years in my work as an artistic administrator for several opera companies. It has been a very useful and accurate shortcut for me, in finding artists who have sung particular repertoire, determining whether artists are already engaged in particular periods, and especially for last-minute replacements for jump-ins due to illness, or cancellations for other reasons. It has been a lifesaver! I look forward to becoming more familiar with the many new and exciting functions of the service.

Teatro Nacional de São Carlos

Ivan van Kalmthout

Teatro Nacional São Carlos (Lisboa)

Ever since Operabase emerged it has been a great help for all of us who are responsible for the casting of singers. The new features will even make it more useful.

The Metropolitan Opera

Michael Heaston

Assistant General Manager, Artistic at The Metropolitan Opera

Operabase is an indispensable resource for the work we do in casting and artistic planning at The Met. Whether identifying last-minute replacements with the casting tool, viewing casts at other opera houses, or researching individual artists, I rely on Operabase as part of my daily work.

Washington National Opera

Samuel Gelber

Director of Artistic Planning & Operations at The Washington National Opera

Operabase is an important instrument for the contemporary Artistic Administrator’s toolbox. Its vast repository of valuable information and user-friendly interface have made it a beneficial resource in our day-to-day operations at Washington National Opera. Conceiving of suitable talents for our productions has never been easier, thanks in part to the Operabase Casting tool and its real-time amalgamation of artist activity. Operabase.com is an effective contributor to our operational endeavors, and I endorse the platform to opera companies worldwide.


Göran Gademan

Casting coordinator, Opera of Göteborg (Gothenburg), Sweden

I use Operabase many times, to find a quick replacement for an ill singer, but also when we search for a singer in a certain part later on that we don't have in the ensemble and that is a bit tricky to cast. Often a very demanding role then. In this way, you can see everywhere what happens, who has sung what etc.

Salzburger Festspiele

Evamaria Wieser

Casting Director at Salzburg Festival

Honestly, I wonder how we managed casting and short-note cancellations before Operabase, but the way of working in theatres, like in all other fields, has changed so much with digitalization. When I started my first job in a theatre a long time ago, my first duty was to read newspapers and opera magazines from the past 2 years, and make lists of who is singing which roles where. We had a big box with file cards for each bigger part, and whenever needs, we consulted these cards. On top, we had our so-called "Bibel", into which my colleague put each performance in handwriting with title, date, conductor, director and all roles + singers ! This was also helpful as thus we knew who had already done our productions. All this had to be done very carefully and accurate, in the same way as you and your colleagues are now doing it now for Operabase, but it was a huge, time-consuming work and the range of information was much smaller. After the first rather limited information about singers, roles and theaters on Operabase (I have been using it from the very beginning), this platform has developped enormously during the past years, offering more and more useful, interesting and different information. Thus it has become an indispensable component of my work. I also find it inspiring for the creative casting process, if used in the right way. On top, it's incredibly helpful for a first availability check, especially in case of cancellations. And I know that many of my colleagues feel the same ! I also want to underline that all people who work for Operabase are doing an excellent job - all information is carefully checked and there are hardly any mistakes. One can definitely rely on the information it offers. I have not always been totally happy with the outlook resp. handling of the pages, but now I have gotten used to and it works extremely well. So I am not just a user, but a fan of Operabase !

Cleveland Orchestra

Michael Gandlmayr

Artistic Administrator at Cleveland Orchestra

There are so many moving parts in mounting a successful opera production and in many aspects, it is even more challenging for us as we don’t operate year-round as an opera house. The resources and detailed information that Operabase provides us have been invaluable, from the early stages of research and casting to the inevitable last-minute cancellations.

Opéra Royal de Wallonie - Liège

Veruska Reho

Casting manager at Opéra Royal de Wallonie - Liège

Uso quotidianamente Operabase per ricerche, info e aggiornamenti sugli artisti, sulle agenzie, su debutti di nuovi ruoli o su debutti in nuovi teatri. Uso spesso la sez Casting tool per ricerche sul repertorio degli artisti o in caso di jump in per la ricerca di artisti che hanno già debuttato il ruolo e sono liberi in quel preciso momento. Ho scoperto oggi la funzione Noleggi e la trovo molto interessante, forse si potrebbe sviluppare meglio con l'aggiunta di alcuni filtri.

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