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Frequently asked questions - Agency Roster Management Features
How can I get access to my agency page on Operabase?
To gain access to your agency page on Operabase, please register on the platform and follow the registration process. Once you have access, you will be able to take ownership of your agency page and make necessary updates and changes. This includes managing your roster, updating representation details, and maintaining accurate contact information. Registering on Operabase ensures that you have full control over your agency's presence on the platform, allowing you to keep your page up-to-date and relevant.
Why is it important to manage my roster on Operabase?
Managing your roster on Operabase allows you to join a network that is highly regarded by casting professionals. Our platform features an industry-leading Casting Tool that receives approximately 10,000 searches per month. By maintaining an updated and well-managed roster, casting professionals can easily discover and contact you to hire artists from your roster.
Can I update my representation details for artists?
Yes. As a subscriber, you have the ability to update an artist’s representation details. This includes specifying the agency representative who is representing each artist.
Can I have multiple offices for my agency on Operabase?
Yes, you have the flexibility to add multiple offices and their respective team members to your agency page. This allows you to showcase the different locations and personnel associated with your agency. The information you provide for each office will be visible to all Operabase users, including casting professionals, providing comprehensive visibility and accessibility.

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