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9 Feb. - 9 Feb. 2023
Peak lady. A game
Pikovaya Dama, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Novosibirsk State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater (NOVAT)  | Performances (2)
03 November 2016novat.nsk.ruIgor Koryabin,
Deadly pool of the game
Another premiere performance of the opera The Queen of Spades. The Game” will be held at NOVAT on November 12. In the meantime, we are reading a review of the performance on the portal: “The director’s idea of ​​Vyacheslav Starodubtsev – in fact, strikingly fresh and exciting in its incarnation – following the conductor, captivated everyone: the musicians of the orchestr...
06 November 2016novat.nsk.ruYana Glembotskaya,
Open spaces and sweeping gestures
About the premiere of the play “The Queen of Spades. Game” on the portal writes Yana Glembotskaya, rector of the Novosibirsk State Theater Institute. In the play, which is close in its aesthetics to the Meyerhold theater, spectacular mise-en-scenes remind us "that our life is nothing more than a card game on the card-table of fortune." The Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Th...
27 Dezember 2016novat.nsk.ruEkaterina Kretova, Moscow's comsomolets
Crazy carnival
"The temptations of radical direction" and "a great-sounding orchestra." About the play “The Queen of Spades. Game" writes "Moskovsky Komsomolets". For the third time in a year, the opera premiere is released by a creative duet consisting of conductor Dmitry Yurovsky and director Vyacheslav Starodubtsev. "Turandot" by Puccini, "Aida" by Verdi and now - "The Queen of Spades", Tchaiko...